LPWAN (Low-power Wide-area Network)

LoRaWAN (Long Range) – one of the energy efficient LPWAN technology standards, that does not require licensing of frequencies, aimed at machine-to-machine interaction, sensor and application data collection.

LPWAN is especially advantageous in case when other wireless technologies (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi-, ZigBee, GSM 3G/LTE etc.) are not suitable due to longer ranges, high cost of traffic, low transmitter autonomy or lack of coverage.

Utilizing LPWAN, Omnicube develops and implements monitoring and management systems for remote objects.

More than 500 of largest IT companies in the world, including Cisco, IBM, Orange, Bosch, have created LoRa Alliance in order to support and develop LoRaWAN data transmission protocol. LoRaWAN is currently the most popular LPWAN technology in the world.


- Energy efficiency – lower sensor power consumption

- Range – up to 50 km

- Scalability – minimal quantity of base stations required to cover large territory

- Low cost of the equipment

LoRaWAN is actively deployed in these areas:

Building management – automated real-time sensor data reading in apartment and office blocks
Healthcare – body sensor data reading (pulse, temperature, pressure etc.)
Agriculture – soil humidity and alkalinity control, temperature, lighting, location and condition of livestock, agricultural equipment, monitoring of storage conditions of the crop
Smart home applications – managing various systems inside the house
Road infrastructure – monitoring of weather conditions in real-time, notifications