The Omnicube System - a universal platform for solutions that broadly targets enterprise intelligence monitoring, differentiates the industry, allows for more efficient control, staffing, transport, environmental parameters, resource allocation, and much more.

Omnicube advantages

Support for equipment and protocols from different manufacturers. Integration of additional equipment at the request of the customer.
The system solves a wide range of tasks at the enterprise. In the framework of a complete Omnicube solution, all necessary modules and subsystems are provided.
Integration with external systems
Universal integration with ERP and CRM systems (1C, SAP, etc.) through the REST API.
The system is individually adjusted and finalized for the customer's tasks.
The most advanced technologies are used, among them: Сloud Сomputing - cloud computing, Fog Сomputing - computing on the periphery, allowing to unload the company's IT infrastructure, wireless data transmission using LPWAN technology.
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There is no need to hire dedicated staff.
A visual graphical interface that allows you to process data and generate reports in real time in various formats (excel, graphics, charts). Provides secure access from mobile devices and the notification service.
Possibility to purchase "as a service"
In the cloud version of the acquisition of the system, low capital costs, low load on existing computing power, the possibility of flexible payment.

Technological partners

Constant and fruitful cooperation with technology leaders allows us to develop advanced solutions on the market