Omnicube.Building – Intelligent services for buildings

Omnicube.Building is a complex solution for intelligent monitoring of buildings.

Solution is aimed at increase of efficiency of building operation, decrease of running costs, provision of additional services to building users (office or apartment block tenants).



Capabilities of Omnicube.Building solution:

Automated accounting of water, heat and electricity consumption
Data readings on resource consumption are automatically transmitted with the use of wireless LPWAN technology. Such service is of interest for multi-tenant buildings or multi-location enterprises, which require separate accounting for consumed resources
Physical security and access control

Monitoring of open doors and windows in conjunction with ACS provides control of presence of people, including service personnel), prevent emergencies related to open windows etc.

Engineering systems

Monitoring of engineering systems, including water/carrier temperature in pipes, air in conditioning systems etc.

Engineering safety

Control of leaks with functions of automated water supply shut off and alarm notifications. Prevention of emergencies, related to damage of property.

Control of environment parameters

Monitoring of microclimate on premises, including temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide level. Management of conditioning and heating systems based on parameters of monitoring.

Lighting management

Lighting management, including automated adjustment of brightness based on events or scenarios, provides energy saving and additional comfort. Integration with Philips industrial lighting solutions.

Service is of interest for offices, industrial buildings.

And many others:

  • Monitoring of movement and location of objects
  • Monitoring of service staff
  • Video surveillance
  • Monitoring of parking space
  • Video intercom
  • Convenient service to call plumber, cleaner, electrician and other service staff through mobile application
  • Monitoring of garbage chute
  • Smart mailbox (notifies when mail arrives etc)


Main advantages of Omnicube.Building solution:

  • Unified graphic interface of Omnicube.Building solution with options to manage notifications, download reports, creating receipts etc.
  • Fast deployment of wireless infrastructure (including premises with complete interior finish)
  • Low deployment and running costs
  • Solution available as Cloud service (decrease of capital expenditures)