Omnicube.Staff – Intelligent monitoring of personnel

Omnicube.Staff provides monitoring of location and activity of personnel, as well as vital functions, thus increasing levels of safety in facilities.

Personnel monitoring solution is in high demand in industrial environment with high levels of automation and small numbers of service staff, high levels of risk and strict parameters of access based on physical conditions.


Capabilities of Omnicube.Staff:

Authorization of staff on equipment

Machine operator is defined by the monitoring system after authorization on equipment. Shift schedule is taken into account. Complete analysis of production process parameters in relation to machine operator allows evaluation of operator’s efficiency, including accordance of operator’s actions to production schedule.

Staff location monitoring

Personnel is supplied with specific tags, which provide location services with given accuracy in certain zones. Time spent in working place and outside of it is accounted for. System provides convenient statistics for personnel location during their work.

Monitoring of staff physical condition

Movement, pulse, fall detection can be carried out through specific wearable devices, usually bracelets. Monitoring systems can produce notifications and alarms in case of emergencies. Wearable devices can have feedback functions for alarms and emergency information, also alarm cancellation.

Monitoring of tools and protective measures

Omnicube.Staff provides monitoring capabilities for tools and presence of protective measures, including those, mandated by zone rules. Monitored objects are supplied with specific radio tags, while presence detection is carried out via wearable device (bracelet).