Omnicube.Agro – monitoring for agriculture

Omnicube.Agro provides great capabilities to increase efficiency and reduce costs and losses in agriculture by means of energy efficient long-range wireless LPWAN connection (with ranges up to 50 km).

Monitoring of soil condition

Soil sensors are placed inside greenhouse and on sowings, measuring soil humidity and temperature, level of fertilizer, level of solar radiation, air humidity and temperature. This allows planning of activities on tillage, based on actual state and forecast of specific sectors of fields (including automatic watering).

Monitoring of climate parameters

Data from temperature, humidity and lighting sensors in greenhouses is used for automated adjustment of climate conditions, for example, via automatic opening and closing of windows. Artificial lighting in greenhouses can be optimized for energy saving in accordance with statistical data from lighting sensors.

Monitoring of crop storage

Collection and storage of data on humidity, air condition, presence of gases etc, in crop storage helps detect unwanted changes and provides for a prompt response and localization of crop damage areas, which, in turn, helps to decrease crop loss during storage.

Livestock monitoring

Omnicube.Agro can be utilized in cattle breeding and stock raising, when livestock is equipped with wearable sensors, allowing for control and monitoring of vital functions, identification of anomalies and prompt response to disease. Other functions may include identification of specific time periods in stock lifecycle, for example, favorable time for breeding.